For billing purposes, there are several healthcare practitioners who are providing a service to you. These charges will be billed to your insurance company separately. Therefore, you may receive bills from multiple providers for one procedure at Coastal Surgical Center.

Facility Charge – Coastal Surgical Center will bill for the facility fee only

  • Physician’s Professional Charge – Your Physician will bill your insurance company for the Physician fees
  • Anesthesia Professional Charge – The anesthesia provider will bill your insurance company for the Anesthesia fees
  • Pathology Charge – If a biopsy is taken during the procedure, you will receive a bill from the laboratory(s) that processes your biopsy

Coastal Surgical Center will bill your procedure to your insurance company(s) for the facility portion, but ultimately, you are responsible for charges applied to your copay, deductible and co-insurance. Some insurance carriers may deny or choose not to cover services that are provided and you will become financially responsible for these charges. We recommend that you contact your insurance carrier for coverage information regarding your individual insurance policy.

Our Insurance Verification Specialist will contact you twice prior to your procedure. You will first be contacted with an estimate for the facility charges once your procedure is scheduled. Then, the day prior to procedure, you will receive a call to collect your financial responsibility, based on your individual insurance policy. It is important to know that this is only an estimate. This estimate is based on the procedure(s) your physician has scheduled and the insurance plan you have. Once the claim has been processed by your insurance, you may receive a bill and/or phone call for the remaining balance owed or a refund if you have overpaid.

Please be advised that you will not receive a call the day prior to your procedure if we do not expect you to have a patient responsibility. However, if after claims are processed, there is a patient responsibility due, you will receive a bill and/or a phone call to collect.

If you have changed insurance carriers or this is workers compensation, please make sure you provide your physician’s office and Coastal Surgical Center with current insurance information; otherwise, you could be responsible for the charges.

Should you have any questions, please contact 603-314-8036.